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Refunds? Can I get my bib & medal shipped to me if I miss the race.

No refunds. Transfers to another participant must be made 2 weeks before event date via eventbrite.  All Dates & Locations are subject to change. Weather, Venue, City...all effect our race date. We do not provide REFUNDs on change of dates or locations.

You must be present to receive your Bib, Medal and Wine!



Strollers? Kids? Pets?

Jogging strollers at your own risk. Some wineries do not allow kids after a certain time or in their winery room. Email us for more info.

Kids under 21 will not receive WINE.

5 and younger are free, but must be checked in at registration morning of the event and sign a waiver.  There are NO pets allowed.  No Exceptions.


Do I have to pay for parking or shuttles?

Each location is different.  Most locations parking range from $10-$25.

Email us to check info on your specific location. Thank you! 

How  tough is the course?

Each location varies. All are considered full terrain run. Please make sure to have proper shoes.  Course could be through water streams, hiking trails, sand, dirt and through the vineyards This is a trail run! If this is your first time, please wear trail shoes and take your time!


Can I  walk?

Yes, we encourage walkers. We keep the course open for 70 minutes for the 5K run.


Do we need volunteers?

Yes! Free wine (race day). Email us and tell us which location you are available.

Are there food trucks?

All locations have different rules. Please email us to ask. Some wineries do not allow outside food. ALL LOCATIONS DO NOT ALLOW OUTSIDE ALCOHOL! 

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What is included in registration?

MEDAL, Racing Bib, Wine, 5k run/walk and a whole lot of fun! Sorry no more tshirts!


Is the race timed?

This is a FUN RUN, some locations we will have a RACE CLOCK at finish line.

Feel free to email to ask. Registration does NOT include timing.


Do people really wear TOGA's, Tutu's or costumes?

Yes! around 60% of the runners are in costumes, TOGA's, wine tank tops etc....


Can a friend pick up my packet pickup?

Yes, they can pickup at Packet Pickup. Must have a copy of ID to verify age and a copy of the eventbrite ticket. Can't find ticket? You must contact eventbrite directly.

Gear Check?

Some locations will have gear check, not all locations.  We will have gear check for free. Donations accepted to local charity. Email us to verify if your location will have gear check.

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